• Donation

  • How can I Donate ?

    You can Donate online by IMPS or NEFT. You can donate fund directly to one of our registered fund collectors. Don't forget to collect your receipts properly. For more information see out Donate page.

  • How do I know my money is used properly ?

    Once you become the benefactor of In-Light, you will constanty updated with the progress of the project. You will be notified personally on how your money is utilised.

  • Will I get Tax exception for my donation ?

    No, you will not get Tax Exception for your donation, the 80G is under progress, Once we complete the process we will update you soon.

  • Beneficiaries

  • Can I suggest a beneficiary?

    Yes, you can suggest a beneficiary, you can contact us for a lively suggestion. You can also click on the link below to suggest a beneficiary.

  • How do Team In-Light choose a beneficiary ?

    We are periodically undergoing survey's to collect the data about the core problem. Once we get information about a beneficiary, our inspection team will undergo a verification process and based on the eligibility we will choose a beneficiary.

  • Policy

  • What are the policies of In-Light ?

    We have individual policy for every section of the project including benefactor, beneficiaries and various other policies. We have seperate policy development committe to improve the policies of the project.

  • Where can I find the policies ?

    Our policies are not available online. You can contact the corresponding officer of the section to recieve the policy. We are trying to get our policies online.

  • What if I find an activity violating the policy ?

    You are requested to contact the Project Director to register a complaint or for suggestions regarding policies. We have an audit committee, which will be appointed to inspect the situation and to take corresponding action respectively.