A project built with from Infinity Trust

Our Motto

Education for Everyone

Our Vision

By In-light we vision a completely literate India.

Our Mission

To reduce the illiteracy rate and to make India better


  • To make education available to everyone despite of their class of living.
  • To enroll more under privileged children to basic education every academic year.
  • To ensure that the lack of funding isn’t stopping a children from continuing their education.
  • To facilitate with the provisions required to continue their education comfortably.
  • To explain the importance of education in various underprivileged community.

Rings of In- Light

In-Light is made up of three rings, these rings represent a higher purpose and signifies the various parts of In-Light

Infinity trust

Infinity Trust provides the moral background, support and platform to implement the project. Red colour represents the passion and power of Infinity Trust & Family.


Benefactors of our project are playing an important role in keeping In-Light alive. Blue represents our loyalty, trust and responsibility to our benefactors.


A well educated beneficieries are the real outcome of our project. Yellow represents the happiness and cheerfulness in the hearts of our beneficieries